Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is responsible for reviewing applications for exterior architectural and landscaping changes from individual homeowners.

Current ACC Standards and Procedures

The current Park Village ACC standards and procedures are available below. They are available in both single-sided and double-sided versions. The ACC meets monthly in an open meeting forum to discuss current concerns. The ACC welcomes all residents to appear and discuss any concerns they may have.

To view the current standards and procedures, please click here: ACC Standards and Procedures - Single-Sided.
Process to Submit an Application for Architectural Changes on Your Property

Below is the form that residents will need to fill out before making changes, so that they can be reviewed and approved. Applications need to be submitted to Towne Properties by the first of the month in which you want them to be reviewed by the ACC.

To view the current form residents, need to fill out before making changes, please click here: ACC Application Request Form.

Please contact Cecelia Gray at CAS, Inc. if you have any questions at 919-367-7715 x1504

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